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Here are the emails I’ve received, with senders’ names removed, in response to my blog post, “Let’s Add One Word to the NRA Talking Point,” which also ran as an op-ed on inforum.com on February 20 and in The Forum printed edition on February 21. I’ll be adding to this if/when more emails come in.

I respond to each in pretty much the same way:

Dear <name>:
Thanks for reading, and for your comments. I appreciate it. Have a great day.
Best Regards,
Martin Fredricks


Your column

You are so right!! If not now, when do we do something? How many people have to die. We both know the NRA has bought and paid for lawmakers at all levels of government. My wife and I are both 69, we have not been this cynical about government since the 60’s.


Forum article

Bravo … we must all speak up … thank you!


Your recent editorial on Gun Control


I am writing to see if you are a man of your word, and truly want to “… talk about reasonable, effective gun control legislation…”,  as you stated in your recent editorial article, or if you are simply another rabid people/gun controller who wants to impose their defective ideas/restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.  You don’t have to address that directly; your responses to my questions below will tell me all I need to know.

You should know that I am also looking to find how we can “do something” about this problem, with one minor change: we must “do something effective”.  If it doesn’t work, or can’t work, then there is no reason to attempt it, as taking rights and/or property from law-abiding citizens for no good reason is not “something” that anyone should want to do.

First, how do you define “reasonable”?  Do you think the people who will be most affected by the proposed laws/regulations should have major input on what is adopted, or should we just blindly accept whatever our betters (or those who can scream the loudest at a rally) think is best?  Do you care at all about how new laws will affect the law-abiding, or is this a “legislate at any cost” opportunity that cannot be wasted?

Second, how do you define “effective”?  If a proposed solution has already been tried and found ineffective, should it be proposed again and again, just because we have to “do something”?  If a proposed solution will obviously not be effective (would not have stopped the majority of the last 10 school/mass shooters), can it really be called effective, or even a solution at all?

I look forward to seeing your answers for each of the questions above.



Well done Martin!!!


Gun control

I have asked dozens of NRA terrorist how they explain the fact that no other modern country has the gun violence problem we do.  They cannot answer.  How can you say gun control cannot, or does not work, when it has proven to work in every country that has reasonable gun control laws?

NRA terrorist control our legislators.  This is what leads to dead children.  So it simply comes down to ignoring what works in favor of every idiot that want to carry a gun.  I own shotguns that I use to hunt pheasants.  You can register my guns, finger print me, make me buy insurance or implant an RFD device in my guns if it will save my children.

This brings up the subject of RFD devices.  RFD stands for Radio Frequency Device.  Everyone has seen these RFD devices in stores where they are attached to clothing or high end merchandise.  If a person tries to walk out of the store with stolen goods an alarm goes off.

RFD devices are cheap and could be implanted in guns.  The military and some police departments have already put the devices in their guns. When the device is exposed to microwave energy it sends out a detectable radio signal.

If RFDs were in guns the gun itself would set off an alarm when a potential NRA terrorist walked into a school with a gun. The device by law would be required to be implanted in the gun.  The RFD devices do not need batteries. The microwave energy provides the power for them to emit the signal.

This is a simple elegant way to solve some of the gun murders.  It would also allow police officers to know they were approaching a car with an armed person.
Of course the gun nuts will object.  No simple or practical reason is acceptable to the NRA terrorist.



I strongly applaud your article that appeared in The Forum today!  Way to go.  Although I am conservative, I do not understand the republican seemingly blind conviction against gun control.

I support your effort to wake up the public about seriously addressing the gun violence that is out of control.

Let me know if you see any ways I can “do something” in the effort to attack this serious problem.

One thought I have is to see if there is such thing as an initiated measure on the federal level.  Surveys suggest that the majority of people are in favor of gun control.



Excellent column in today’s Forum!

It was logical, passionate and persuasive!  Great writing on a difficult and painful subject!

Keep them coming.


Your Article

Your article in the Forum today was very good. I am frequently brought to tears about the senseless killings we are exposed to in this country. To me it seems even more dangerous here than in some of the (other) countries I have lived in. And all because of the senseless 2nd amendment interpretation and people who get a sexual release whenever they hold a gun in their hands. Now IS the time to have the discussion. Well done.



Martin C. Fredricks IV

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