I was surprised to receive a response from FPS Superintendent Jeff Schatz today. Here it is, along with my response:

Hi Martin, thank you for the email.  I  have asked the building principals to meet with their staff and student groups to discuss what process or procedures should be in place to ensure a safe and orderly environment in school. The principals are currently working on developing plans.  Dr. Robert Grosz our Associate Superintendent will be working with the principals to develop those plans.  I would encourage you to reach out to Dr. Bertsch at South to discuss any concerns you have.  Thanks again for the note.

Dr. Jeffrey M. Schatz
Superintendent of Schools


Thank you, Dr. Schatz. 

I already had a good conversation with Principal Bertsch. 

I am compelled to say I wish Fargo Public Schools was handling this situation the way the Moorhead High School Principal is, with a strong statement of support for “Enough: National School Walkout” and for students who wish to participate. – http://www.inforum.com/news/education/4410952-moorhead-principal-supports-student-walkout-response-parkland-shooting. I believe strongly that we should be doing everything in our power, including encouraging free speech by students, to encourage the leaders of our country, state and city to do what is necessary to put an end to mass shootings in our nation’s schools. 

That said, I appreciate your response, and as I said in my previous email, I appreciate everything you and the Fargo Public Schools have done and continue to do for my kids.


Martin Fredricks




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