“I appreciate your writing Martin. Always Have.”

My friend Joe Stadstad paid me this awesome compliment yesterday after checking out the IV Words blog. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed by his #GoodWords. Joe and I have known each other since our college days back in the late 1980s at North Dakota State University. Great guy, then and now.

Thank you, Joe.

“I appreciate your writing Martin.  Always have. You are a tremendous wordsmith, but you do not overpower the average reader.

“I read your words and think the posts are going to be a legacy for your children. Your children will read your passages to their own kids.

“Your words are timeless.

“Consider your post about the word weird. They will be able to read your work to their children and recall those memories for themselves. Then have their own discussion as you suggested the teacher should have.

“I would love to read an article about your book recommendations. Much like Apple music suggested artist lists, but Martin’s suggested writers or works.  From must read classics to contemporary. I am glad I kept many of our college short-story and poetry class books. I like to keep one by the bed to read and have found that the poetry books are my favorite. I am grateful to professors like Tom Matchie and Steve Ward for giving me insight into the writers to appreciate portions of what I read. If either of those were to offer an adult class today I would register in a heartbeat.  Wonder if either is still around and active?

“Always good to connect with you Martin. Keep up the great work.”

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Martin C. “Red” Fredricks IV here. I’m husband to an amazing woman who is also my best friend, dad to three outstanding kids, Fargoan (North Dakota, that is), proud introvert, veteran messaging strategist/copywriter, blogger (https://ivwords.com) nonprofit founder (https://theclimateknights.org/) and big-time reader. As they say, if you're gonna write good stuff, you have to read good stuff. A ginger, too - ergo the "Red" - although some of it's going white. Cinnamon-Sugar, I call it. Tattooed to boot; seven so far. At age 54, I'm stilling crankin' AC/DC & Metallica, but now and again I spin some Eric Church and Black Uhuru, too. I love hanging out with my (much) better half, spending time with our kids, writing, hiking, riding my mountain bike and reading.


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