Climate Action, Paris to Fargo

David Crutchfield, owner of Biome Architecture, Fargo, N.D., tries to share the message of responsibility for our environment, social equity and economic balance with clients and students every day.

Fargo, N.D. Business “Still In” for Paris Climate Accord Targets

David Crutchfield leaned back on his window-side stool in the warmth of the Prairie Roots Food Cooperative on a cold winter day in Fargo, N.D., contemplating sustainability and climate justice.

The architect and North Dakota State University associate professor was feeling right at home, and no surprise. Over the course of his career he’s designed food cooperatives in cities from Austin, Texas, to New York to London, many of them for well-known sustainable food seller Whole Foods Market.

As at-ease as he is in the warm environs of a store dedicated to providing access to locally grown food, he’s just as comfortable talking about sustainable design and acting on his convictions.

“To me, it’s not enough to agree with ideas,” Crutchfield said. “I’ve found throughout my life that it’s only through collective action that things change.”

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Miracle No More

The 40-year-old golden moment. Gone.

1980 Olympic Hockey Players Snatch Perfection from the Grasp of History

The feeling I had, looking at the pictures of those aging hockey players wearing the Trump campaign’s new red Keep America Great hats, must have been something like what that lone U.S.S.R. players felt as they watched the U.S.A. team celebrate its improbable victory.

The red-clad Soviet players stood at center ice, hands and elbows resting on the tops of their sticks, watching the celebration in the U.S.A. end.

Dismay. Disbelief. Shock.

The images of the former U.S.A. players wearing the second revolution of MAGA caps were all over the Internet, brought to the world’s attention in a Twitter post by journalist Soledad O’Brien.

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The Democratic Establishment vs. Bernie Sanders

A progression of weak arguments for dismissing the frontrunner is out there distracting caucus-goers and primary voters.

Seven Unreasonable Reasons Propagated to Undermine the Frontrunner

Bernie Sanders keeps winning caucuses and primaries, the latest in Nevada. The Democratic Establishment is freaking. It’s afraid of him. It’s doesn’t want him. So its devotees are working to sabotage him.

I don’t like it.

I despise what the Democratic Establishment did to Sanders and rank-and-file voters in 2016, and what it’s trying to do again.

A longtime Feel the Berner put it to me this way –

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Rage, Thy Neighbor

The fury in this country is palpable. It boils over somewhere every day. On this day, it jumped out of a pickup and threatened a kid right in front of me.

This is us now?

Enjoying some sunshine for a change from the grey blanket we’ve been under for the most of the past couple of months. Minding my own business. Feeling pretty doggone good. Out with the dogs for our mid-day constitutional in our South Fargo, N.D., neighborhood.

All of a sudden a pickup screeches to a halt on the street parallel to the sidewalk we’re on, or screeches as much as is possible on the black ice that doubles for pavement in our winters.

Door flies open and a man jumps out.

He’s about 5-foot-4 to 5-foot-6 with straight white hair combed straight down on his forehead. Caucasian. Glasses. Wiry. Looks to go about 150-160 pounds. Wearing a light colored jacket. I don’t register all of this at first, though. I just see, out of the corner of my left eye, a white flash rush out and start stalking toward the back of the truck.

The white blur starts shouting and pointing.

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Climate Change – Already Decided

Heard at the Conversation in the Public Square on Climate Change hosted by the Fargo-Moorhead Climate Group at Moorhead (Minn.) Center Mall yesterday –

“That man sitting at the table over there said he’s already made up his mind about climate change,” said the woman who had helped move chairs into a circle. “He seemed pretty grumpy about it, too.”

Another member of the circle piped up without a thought:

“Well, tell him climate change has already decided about him, too.”


Thank you, Red River Valley Climate Action for hosting this event.


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Establishment Democrats. Not With You. But With You.

Establishment democrat? Progressive democrat? Either way – Admit it. Embrace it. Live it. Own it… Then, come November, vote it.

Either way, we must rid the republic of its destroyers – #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

I now know what happens when you suggest middle-of-the-road, establishment, corporate democrats are middle-of-the-road, establishment, corporate democrats.

I was informed via an email exchange with DemCastUSA.

To those who complained about my op-ed, “A Modest Proposal:  American Democracy Hinges on the Only Half Measure Left. Or Right,” when DemCastUSA published it a few weeks ago, I can only say…

Admit it. Embrace it. Live it. Own it.

Then vote it.

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