HillReporter.com Publishes IV Words Death Penalty Post

HillReporter.com has reprinted “Capital Punishment is Not About Justice.”

According to HillReporter.com, it “…is an independently owned news publisher. Our mission is to deliver factually correct news stories. We report on breaking political stories that speak to the current political climate in the United States.”

It’s a great site. Check it out.

The post originally appeared on IV Words on July 28, then on DemCastUSA on July 29. The post also appeared on Medium.

Thank you to Hill Reporter, to DemCastUSA for publishing the post for Hill Reporter Managing Editor Brett Gilman first saw it, and to Nick at DemCastUSA for facilitating the connection with Gilman.

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Let’s Not Forget the Environmental & Climate Crises

It’s easy to lose track of the colossal damage Trump is doing to environmental protections and the impending devastation of climate change. But we can’t.

Trump Is Ripping Away Decades of Protections

Coronavirus. “Unsmart restart” plans for schools that are actually “minimize illness and death” plans. Anonymous federal agents in U.S. cities. Open defiance of the judiciary as the latest aggression in a national staging for dictatorship.

With everything going on, it’s easy to lose track of the colossal damage Trump is doing to environmental protections and the impending devastation of climate change.

But we can’t.

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Capital Punishment Is Not About Justice

Vengeance is not a noble pursuit, but an evil that feeds back on its practitioners.

The State That Kills Its Killers Is No Better Than They Were

Capital punishment is not about justice. It’s about vengeance.

Two weeks ago, the government of the United States of America went on a vengeance spree.

The federal government executed three of our own citizens in the span of just a few days after 17 years without a single “state-ordered legal homicide” by the federal government. Officials carried out the three death penalty sentences at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Ind.

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The Ghost of Stalin Stalks the White House

Masked men. Insignia-free uniforms. No probable cause. No Miranda. Hoods. Unmarked vans. Undisclosed locations. Welcome to the Soviet Union/United States of America.

Trump Declares War on U.S. Cities

The similarities are too much to ignore. Too dangerous to disregard.

“Officers have been using unmarked vehicles… driving up to people, detaining individuals with no explanation about why they are being arrested…and driving off.”

“A car, or sometimes a disguised commercial van, would park in the street in front of the building. Several officers… knock on the door.”

(He) “used terms such as ‘enemy of the people.’”

“Police operated unpredictably, arresting people not only in the dark of night but also in the light of day. No matter when or where arrests occurred, special trucks outfitted with tiny prison cells hauled the new prisoners to their tormentors in an interrogation prison.”

“I had my beanie pulled over my face so I couldn’t see and they held my hands over my head… It was basically a process of facing many walls and corners as they patted me down and took my picture and rummaged through my belongings.”

These statements describe the “Great Purge” or “Great Terror” in Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union in the 1930s and what is happening in Portland, Oregon today.

The similarities are striking.

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Minnesota Racist Outs Herself in Real Time

It felt good to call out a bigot and see some consequences. But at the same time there was no pleasure in it at all.

Thank you, Jean Horn.

There can be no sympathy for this racist woman.

On July 7 OneFargo held a press conference at Justice Island (a.k.a., Island Park) in Fargo, N.D. KVLY-TV streamed it live.

During the press conference, OneFargo leader Wess Philome addressed several issues OneFargo has been working on related to systemic racism in the Fargo community, as well as alleged harassment of a Black resident by Fargo police officers the previous week. Live comments streamed under the live video.

Screenshot from KVLY-TV live coverage of July 7 OneFargo press conference
Screenshot of KVLY-TV coverage of July 7, 2020 OneFargo press conference.


Jean Horn of Thief River Falls, Minn., engaged in the conversation. “No one owes YOU and (sic) kind of explanation you baboon.”

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