I Want to Adopt Your Vote for Biden/Harris

I’ve lived in North Dakota – one of the deepest red states in the Union – for nearly 52 years, all my life. I’ve voted in every single election, presidential or otherwise, since I turned 18. But thanks to the antiquated Electoral College system, my vote for president has never counted, not even once, even when my candidate won the White House.

So I have a favor to ask of voters in the swing states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina or Wisconsin.

If you don’t get out and vote for yourself, please do it for this poor sod stuck out here in deep red North Dakota:


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If you, too, are stuck in a deep red state, start your own adoption program! And, please, share your videos with IV Words by tagging the blog on your social media posts!

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But share or don’t share – all that really matters is you vote Biden/Harris of November 3, either early by mail or at the polls.

Do it for all of us.


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