A Weekly Report of Coronavirus Cases in Community Schools

The public has a right and a need to know about confirmed coronavirus cases in schools. IV Words is contacting several school districts in the FM MSA on a weekly basis to request figures for confirmed coronavirus cases among students, teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff members and administrators.

None of the school districts has a protocol for informing the public of confirmed coronavirus cases. While they will not be proactive in informing the community, Fargo Public Schools and West Fargo Public Schools have agreed to provide statistics if asked.


The following represents the cumulative number of coronavirus cases confirmed in FM MSA schools during the 2020-21 school year to date.

* Note – Fargo and West Fargo districts combine support staff, teachers, paraprofessionals and administrators under a single category – “Staff.” Cases are reported to the schools both by impacted individuals and Fargo Cass Public Health.

Fargo Public Schools

The first day of in-person instruction in Fargo was Sept. 2, 2020. The following figures include cases of coronavirus confirmed and reported to Fargo Public Schools from that date through September 17 across all facilities.

  • Students – 26
  • Staff – 9

West Fargo Public Schools

The first day of school in West Fargo was Sept. 3, 2020. The following figures include cases of coronavirus confirmed and reported to West Fargo Public Schools from that date through September 17 across all facilities.

  • Students – 14
  • Staff – 13

Moorhead Area Public Schools

The first day of classes in Moorhead Area Public Schools was September 8. To date, the Moorhead Area School District’s public information officer has declined to provide coronavirus case counts. IV Words continues its attempts to obtain the information through alternate means.

Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Public Schools

Due to the comparatively small size of the Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton Public School District, release of coronavirus cases could might make it possible to identify specific students and staff members. As a result, DGF is not releasing district-specific coronavirus case statistics and IV Words is not pressing further for the information.


* IV Words is unable to independently verify the validity of the figures provided by school districts.


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