Steal my signs? Fine. I double-dog dare ya to take this one down.

There’s something really cool happening right now in rural Michigan, which is a key swing state in the Electoral College battle for the presidency between Biden/Harris and #OrangeMenace/MothersBoy.

Marshall Stern and his wife, Nancy, live near White Cloud, Michigan, population 1,396, about 162 miles northwest of Detroit in Newaygo County. The city’s slogan is “A Trail for Every Season.”

In Marshall’s own words, “I’m must a regular American who loves his country and supports Joe Biden for President.” 

Like many people who support a specific candidate, Marshall and Nancy purchased a campaign yard sign. In fact, they bought five and put them in their front yard.

 Before long the signs started disappearing. Again, in Marshall’s own words – 

“The first day 1 sign was stolen. The next day three of the signs were run over by a car and thrown in a ditch. My wife posted on our community page on Facebook and though most of our Republican neighbors were sympathetic there was the Trump contingent who were obnoxious and offensive.  The very next day ALL of our signs were stolen!” 

Marshall and Nancy had had enough. They decided to put up a sign that no one would be able to take down or run over:  a billboard. They started a GoFundMe page to cover the cost and called it, “Folks Sick Of Having Their Biden Signs Stolen!” 

The Fredricks Family in deep red North Dakota keeps our Biden/Harris sign
in the front window so Trump supporters can’t steal or deface it.

Before long they had enough money for a billboard on a busy stretch of highway. Detroit Free Press ran a story about the Sterns and their Biden/Harris billboard, as did a local TV station. Pretty soon Marshall, Nancy and their billboard were all over social media. 

Money came pouring in.

I read the Detroit Free Press piece via a post shared by Nick Knudsen from DemCast USA, then made a small donation.

Marshall’s latest update says they’ve purchased two billboards so far and have had enough support from people all over the country to cover the cost of two more. He’s giving it one more week, then will stop asking for more donations.

So whaddya say? Can you help Marshall and Nancy out and, more importantly, support the Biden/Harris ticket in a state that is key to winning the White House? Read all about the Sterns, their signs and the billboards – and PLEASE MAKE A DONATION – here.

As for me, a frustrated progressive in a deep red state, I want to say thank you to Marshall, Nancy and all the good folks who helped put up those Biden/Harris billboards. You’ve given me something to feel good about during these dark-march-toward-fascism days. More importantly, you’ve given me hope. 

One more time, I’ll let Marshall wrap it up in his own words:

“Let me leave you with this thought to make your day a little brighter. What do you think the guys who stole my signs think about how their actions have turned out?”

Right on.


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Marshall Stern · September 30, 2020 at 4:23 pm

Hey Martin thanks for posting this story. We’re doing great! We’re just $780 short of $10,000 and it looks like we’ll end up with 7 billboards reaching Approximately one million views by Election Day. Stay safe up there in the Dakotahs. Sanity will be the next virus and it begins spreading January 20, 2021!

    Martin C. Fredricks IV · September 30, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    I love what you’ve done / are doing over there. I sure hope we can take Michigan. We need it. I’ve adopted your state in the DemCast Focus14 so I’m trying to help. North Dakota’s a lost cause (76% Republican) so it doesn’t make any sense to spend my volunteer time here. Anyway, great to hear from you. Keep up the good fight. Give my best to Nancy.

Had Enough? Support Marshall and Nancy's Biden/Harris Signs · October 6, 2020 at 12:30 pm

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