#IVITEB – I’m voting in this election because…

#1 – The Climate Crisis

I’m voting in this election because… we all deserve clean air and water, not to mention a livable planet for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. 

The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to roll back environmental protections, and has abdicated the USA’s leadership role – and in fact, any role at all – in addressing the climate crisis. 

Here in North Dakota, my vote won’t count for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the Electoral College. This state hasn’t gone blue in a presidential election since 1964, almost four years before I was even born.

So I’m writing letters sponsored by the Sierra Club to voters in swing states like Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin because their vote will count. That is their power.

If you live in one of those states, please use it to make a difference for the future of our planet and our species, too.

Regardless of which state you live in, if you haven’t already, please…

#VoteBidenHarris2020 | #VoteBlueDownBallot

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