Life in a Northern Town

The dogs and I have been waiting a week and a half or so to get out for our daily constitutional. Waiting for it to be “warm enough.”

It’s been too damn cold here, you see. When it’s as cold as it’s been, Zoey, our long-haired dachshund, and Lucky, our lab-spaniel cross, start doing a not-so-funny dance, holding up first one frozen paw, then another, then another and then another, trying to keep them all off of the frozen sidewalks.

We do our best to avoid that.

Here’s what the past 10-12 days have looked like:

Weather app screenshot of minus 24
Weather app screenshot of minus 35 windchill

That’s 56 degrees below freezing. Fifty-six. With the windchill that’s 67 degrees below freezing. Sixty-seven. Frigid.

By comparison, at 5° Fahrenheit, today is downright balmy.

So while you’re out there, wherever in the country you are, posting Tweets like this –

Twitter post: I hate late winter

Keep in mind, we here on the Upper Great Plains are doing this –

World's smallest violin

So, yeah, quit your whinging.

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