All for One Earth, One Earth for All!

An #EarthDay Post

Anybody and everybody can be a climate activist. Sometimes all it takes is an invitation. And people really like to identify with others who feel the same way.

Those are the simple ideas behind the Knights of the Climate Covenant.

Graphic for Knights of the Climate Covenant

We don’t have to chain ourselves to trees or get arrested outside the Capitol in Washington, D.C. to legitimately consider ourselves climate activists. Just turn the lights off when leaving a room or eat less red meat. Want to write letters to the editor, call our elected officials, march in demonstrations or, yes, even stand in the paths of bulldozers? Outstanding. More power to the people.

Regardless of how much or how little one of us can or is willing to do, we can all be Knights of the Climate Covenant. 

This is your invitation. These are your comrades. This is your opportunity to wrap yourself in the cloak of climate activism.

Knights of the Climate Covenant

No knight in history has faced the likes of the dragon wreaking havoc upon Earth and all its species.

The beast is circling the planet, belching fire, carrying with it mighty winds, waves and arc-worthy floods, and when it’s not soaking the Earth its parching her fertile soils into cracks webbing their way across an ever more barren landscape.

But now, today, the Knights of the Climate Covenant are engaging in the good fight, spreading the good word and doing whatever is in our power to bring the deadly dragon down. And make no mistake: we have the power.

For, in truth, the dragon is us.

Take the Pledge. Save the Planet.

All that’s required to become a Knight of the Climate Covenant is our promise to do our best to reduce our negative impacts to Earth and continue with our positive actions.

Graphic list of 7 Knights of the Climate Covenant Purposes

Being knighted means we’re part of a community, we’re committed to doing something about the climate crisis and we’re going to keep our promise to ourselves, our planet and our shared future.

There’s no cost, no pressure and – aside from taking the pledge – no further obligation.

Speaking of the pledge, there’s something powerful about making a promise in writing and putting a signature to it. The act makes the promise more concrete, more real, which means we’re more likely to think about it when making decisions and, ultimately, more likely to keep the promise.

The Knights of the Climate Covenant - printable pledge
Click to Download

Besides, who doesn’t want to be a Knight? Chivalry, honor, integrity, bravery, respect, loyalty – they’re all part of the gig. You can even get yourself one of those fancy helmets if you want – no judgement here.

Take the pledge. Get knighted. Do the climate good.

All for One Earth, One Earth for All!

So please take few minutes to read the website – Sign up to be part of the community. Download the The Covenant. Fill it in, print it and sign it. Simple.

If you want to represent – awesome! Get some gear. Proceeds go to amplifying the messages of climate activists and climate-focused news organizations, and will go toward our goal of becoming a non-profit organization that can support them directly.

But again, no obligation. No costs. Nothing but a promise to keep.

We’ll do the things that make a difference, and many of us will engage in the macro struggles that need to be won. Together we’ll slay this climate crisis dragon and ensure a livable future for us, our kids and our grandkids.


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