Groups like the Sunrise Movement and people like Chanté are forcing necessary change. The Knights of the Climate Covenant are right there with them.

Generation on Fire: Project 400,” #NoDAPL, #StopLine3… if only I was a few decades younger, or about a decade older, with fewer people counting on me, I’d be there.

With the Knights, I still am.

Read the Knights of the Climate Covenant post.

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  1. Kudos Martin for creating the Climate Knights. We each do what we can and I’d like to believe writing and other personal actions add up to making a difference. Some days I believe that, and other days I believe the actions needed are too big, requiring mass adoption by people, governments, and corporations (who seem to the ones with the majority of the wealth and power). Meanwhile, thanks for caring and acting in your own ways.

    1. Thanks, Brad. It occurs to me that you’d make a perfect Knight of the Climate Covenant. How about joining us? No costs, no obligations, very few communications. Sign up here –

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