Good-riddance to Facebook’s lies and dangerous do-nothings.

Dumping Facebook. Again.

I know, I know – IV Words has been down this road before. But this is for good. Pinky swear. Like, double-dog, dude.

Not only is Facebook, as both a company and a platform, unworthy of support; it is undermining democracy and damaging public health.

Besides, I don’t want to do anything that further enriches Mark Zuckerberg. I mean, look at the guy – he drips arrogance, exudes entitlement and doesn’t even come close to presenting as a decent human being.

As I write this, on Oct. 12, 2021, it’s a year to the day that I returned to Facebook following a brief departure on Sept. 21, 2020. Re-reading now what I posted when I went back to the platform last year, I’m shamed. It sounds like exactly what it was – a guy trying really hard to rationalize, if not justify, doing the wrong thing.

Looking back, all the reasons I left in the first place are still valid, and there are even more now. Most recently, Congressional testimony before a congressional committee by a former employee and comprehensive, independent investigations have outed Facebook as a bald-faced liar.

And here’s a confession – I went back last year because traffic to IV Words dropped precipitously when I was no longer sharing new posts on my pages and in climate change and social justice Facebook groups. 

Certainly I want more people to read the posts, especially the ones about the crucial need to address the climate crisis. But continuing to use Facebook would be enabling something that harms others. Once I admitted that to myself, what I needed to do became crystal clear. People will visit the blog and read posts or they won’t; either way, I’ll no longer push them on Facebook.

Once again, I hear a voice telling me that it’s never too late to do the right thing.

And this time I’m doing it the right way. My actions last year was half-assed; leaving Facebook but not Instagram, a Facebook-owned property, meant I was still supporting a company in a drive for greater riches that are gained by spreading disinformation and allowing content that destroys self images and mental health.

So sayonara, Facebook. It’s not bloody likely, but here’s hoping enough people follow suit to crash and burn the platform.

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  1. Please let that voice be right – it is never too late to do the right thing. Much respect from this end, brother. Where are you going to go for the sourcing that you were getting from mental-health-destroying FB?

    1. Hey, John: I’m not quite sure I understand your question completely, but I think you’re asking for sources about the negative mental-health impacts of Facebook. I was referring more to Facebook as a company that owns Instagram in that sentence, but there are lots of articles and studies about negative impacts to mental health and self-image of using Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms out there. Here’s one – Have a great day, Brother. Martin

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