White kids show off their racist upbringings in the Upper Great Plains.

Three white punks waiting in line at a Chipotle in an Upper Great Plains town demonstrated recently just how racist they are and, one might assume, how equally racist their parents must be.

A guy just in front of them waiting to order a steak and rice burrito overheard the three high-school-age boys talking too loudly about how immigrants should not be allowed into the United States, that they’ll only take jobs from “real” Americans, that they don’t even know how to speak English, anyway, so they should just stay where they come from… etc., etc., etc.

Some of those “etc’s” contained racial slurs.

We’ve heard all of this before, of course, and we’re not the least bit surprised it’s reared its ugly head again in such a deep red area.

Nevertheless, one has to wonder what these wankers, their families and whoever else is teaching them this rubbish are thinking. Not a single one of them is more than three, four or, at a stretch, five generations removed from Ellis Island. How can they, in good conscience, stand against people seeking a better life when their own grandparents or great grandparents did the same not so long ago?

They can’t, but they’re too ignorant to even comprehend the irony.

White trash.

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