No matter what, we’re all gonna die. Question is, which artist or band is gonna see us off?

When my time’s up, I want the voices of my wife and kids ringing in my ears.

That said, my fervent hope is earlier that day I will have been listening to Zeppelin, Halestorm or Brandon Santini. Alice in Chains, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or U2. Bob Marley, Dave Matthews or Eric Church. Green Day, Lynyrd Skynyrd, UB40, The Pretty Reckless, ACDC, Pink Floyd. Or some of the other artists and bands that have grabbed and held my attention over the years.

Truth is, when it comes to music I’ve lived a pretty charmed life. I’ve been working on my own and jamming as loud as I want for 17+ years. My professional career started when I was 22. I’m 53 today. So I’ve been rockin’ hard for about 55 percent of it. 

Another truth is I don’t fret about death much. It’s probably a byproduct of working in a nursing home while in college. The last thing I want is to spend my last days – or any days – in one, especially if I can’t insert my Beats and select next up anymore. Any day before that will be fine by me.

Still, I sometimes wonder what I’d do if I knew when I’d soon be done. What would I cue up next?

Final truth: I do not wanna know when. It’d just add a bunch of stressing about what to listen to next.

I’d rather listen for right now. You?

Rock on, my friends.

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