Turns out I suck almost as much as Facebook does.

I tried. I really did.

I left the distortion machine that is Facebook for the second time a month ago (10/13/21), swearing never to return. Yet, today, I’m back. On Instagram, too.

I lasted one week longer this time than I did the first time (9/21/2010/12/20). And then I realized I needed to at least keep my Facebook and Instagram accounts so I could continue to serve clients who count on me to post on social media for them and to research new clients and their competitors. I’m don’t blame them, mind you.

But from there it was just a short stretch to, “Well, if I have to be there, anyway, I’m going to use them. I’ll do what I can to offset Facebook’s crappiness by spreading the good word on struggle against climate change, social justice/injustices, for women’s rights, etc.”


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