It doesn’t meet the technical definition. Yeah, well… so what?

Technically it’s not microblogging. 

That requires use of an actual microblogging platform like Plurk, Reddit or Tumblr. Maybe we’ll have to call them MicroIVs (microfours) or something.

Regardless, lately I’ve been trying something new, writing short posts – 225 or fewer words (excluding headlines and subheads) – to provide some variety for both of us. I’m failing so far. Only one of the two MircoIVs that follow meets the self-imposed requirement; the other is 265 words. But I’ll get there.

These short missives give you a chance to read a post once in a while that takes less time but still conveys some sort of point. That’s the goal, at least. As for me, they’re opportunities to talk about things that don’t warrant full-length posts but are nevertheless on my mind. And with the word count limit, they’re a fun challenge, too.

I like it. I hope you do, too. 

Here are the first two:

Give Me Music or Give Me Death

Our Most Valuable Plastic

(There. Just 164 words.)

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Let me know what you think!