Welcome feedback on ‘The Climate Covenant’ nails one of the key reasons for the book’s existence.

It’s working.

The feedback I received today about “The Climate Covenant” captures nicely the very reason I put the book together in the first place. One of big reasons, at least.

“I am about half way through your book about climate change,” the reader wrote. “I suspected we were in trouble and your e-book confirmed my fears.”

Look, I didn’t put together the compilation of global warming and climate change posts from IV Words and Knights of the Climate Covenant together to scare anybody… 


Well, actually, yes I did. 

Fear is one of the emotions I hope “The Climate Covenant” elicits, along with anger, disgust, indignation and hope. 

But those are just tools to get to the true objective – motivation. That objective is captured in the book’s subhead, “Building the Critical 3.5 Percent,” a reference to the portion of a group that needs to be actively engaged to ensure significant and lasting political change.

Screenshot of reader feedback on "The Climate Covenant" book

We need to remain involved in the righteous struggle against global-warming and climate-change deniers, politicians who are fossil-fuel lackeys and bureaucrats who are like parasites burrowed deep into government agencies where they push fossil-fuel-friendly policies and oversight (or lack thereof).

It’s tough to stay on point with what can sometimes feel like ineffectual activities, like contacting city councilpeople, county commissioners, state legislators, governors and federal reps, senators and presidents; joining in tweetstorms and other social media pushes; marching in protests; donating funds; and, in my case, writing posts about the duplicity, ineptitude and at times downright stupidity in government and among our fellow humans when it comes to the climate crisis. It’s exhausting, and sometimes feels overwhelming.

Images of e-book and print versions of "The Climate Covenant" book

So, yeah, we need all the motivation we can get.

Another of my objectives involves readers like my Facebook friend, people who are already in the know or who have a suspicion about how existential and urgent the the threats of climate change truly are. I want to confirm and even fuel those fears.

Most of all, I want everyone to take up the shield, join me in spreading the word and taking action to protect the planet and the human race.

So thank you Facebook friend (you know who you are) and every one of you who takes time out of busy days and evenings to read my posts on the blog or in the book.

Please take a few more moments to talk about climate change with your family, friends and neighbors, and let them know they can get a FREE e-book copy of “The Climate Covenant” this coming Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021. Here’s the link –  


Please also encourage them to visit IV Words and Knights of the Climate Covenant and sign up to follow or be knighted. There truly is power in more people and there’s absolutely no cost, except what you’re willing to contribute to the causes –

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Finally, one last favor – please review the book on Amazon. Use the same link as above, then scroll down to “Review this product.” That’ll be a big help.

Most importantly, though…

Stay motivated!

Spread the word!

Keep up the good fight!

I’m right there with you.

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