Yah, sure. Youbetchya.

They say Fargo, N.D. USA is “warm & welcoming.”


Up here we say, “Keeps the riff-raff out.”

Not so sure about that one, either.

* Yeah, I know youbetchya is “you betcha” everywhere else. But listen to someone say it. 😉

Graphic - MCFIV Copyright 2022 Black


  1. I’ve talked to a friend in Toronto about wanting to escape the U.S. and I’ve mentioned Calgary. She sent me a screen shot similar to yours of the Calgary forecast – 25 below, along with her comment, “You’ll freeze your balls off.”
    Since I’m rather attached to my appendages, I’ve removed Calgary from my house hunting list.
    Stay warm.

    1. Will do, Paul. After posting this I received a response from a friend in Idaho with an image showing -31. But then, he didn’t include the wind chill reading, so…

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