The term is way too tame for what’s happening right now.

“Climate Change” is a woefully inadequate term that fossil fuels companies and their PR firms like because it’s innocuous compared to “global warming” and the terms we really need to start using instead.

At this point, even “Climate Crisis” falls short; it’s just so last century. You know?

Today we need something that more accurately describes what is already happening, what we’re in the midst of and where the planet-human race tandem is headed.

This Twitter post from about six weeks ago post got me thinking about it –

“THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE! Getting so tired of a term that has played a big part in getting us to the brink of extinction! “climate change” was chosen by Bush administration to replace “global  warming” to keep people consuming. Outlawed by “The Guardian” well over a year ago as a euphemism. If we call a catastrophe by a neutral word (change is  always there, can be positive, so why not) we will never get anywhere fast enough to cushion apocalyptic CLIMATE DESTRUCTION.”

(Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the name or handle of the person who posted that. I’ll be glad to give you credit if it was you; just let me know.)

The post isn’t entirely accurate, either. But that’s the beside the point.

Whoever wrote the Twitter post is right on point, as in the point of no return. For some of Earth’s complex systems, we’re fast approaching irreversible “tipping points” that will cause “…a dramatic shift to an entire system.” 

I’ve always believed in the power of labeling. If you don’t think it makes a difference, watch the GOP in action for a few minutes. Or fossil fuel companies and their PR firms. Like the Twitter poster pointed out: The only constant in life is change. What’s the big deal?

But we know – or should know – it’s gargantuan.

So now it’s no longer “climate change” for IV Words. Nor is the most accurate description “climate crisis” anymore or even, as the Twitter poster suggested, “climate destruction.”

It’s happening now. It’s getting worse every single day humans continue to burn fossil fuels.

Let’s call it what it truly is: CLIMATE CATASTROPHE.

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Martin C. Fredricks IV

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Sustain | · April 26, 2022 at 6:27 am

Yes. You are right. CLIMATE CATASTROPHE is the best! 🌍

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