Valley City (N.D.) Times-Record editor’s piece is nearly impetus for new IV Words monthly feature, too.

There are jackasses and there are jackasses. And then there’s the editor of the Valley City (N.D.) Times-Record, Iain Woessner, who has thrown a huge, filthy, ugly ball of entitlement, homophobia, misogyny and sexual repression out into the world with his recent anti-Pride-Month column.

Woessner’s opinion piece nearly inspired me to make this the inaugural post in a new “Neanderthal of the Month” feature, but I feel compelled to write about too many privileged, self-important white men as it is. Woessner’s piece simply suggests a more misogynistic, sexually repressed twist on the theme.

Seldom have I read anything quite so ferociously anti-LGBTQ+, anti-women and flat-out anti-human as this piece of crap. Its unrestrained bassackwardsity would make any attempt at refutation laughable itself.

That’s my opinion. I invite you to form your own. (Review a PDF version here.)

Neanderthal of the Month Iain Woessner

Please share your comments and reactions directly with Mr. Woessner if you feel so inclined:

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  1. What a jackass. Unfortunately there’s a paywall and I wasn’t able to go in and respond to the editorial.

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