In my community it’s against the law.

I just called the government offices in the city where I live to report violations of its ordinance against displaying signs on boulevards. Specifically, homeowners or renters are displaying political signs on boulevards in my neighborhood.

To be clear, the city ordinance reads, “Signs are not permitted on the boulevard or other city right-of-way including telephone, power and light poles.”

There are limited exceptions, but political signs are not among them, regardless of cause or party affiliation of the candidate being promoted.

Granted, I’m usually one of the first to proclaim that rules are made to be broken, we should all color outside the lines and go where our consciences lead, but in this platitudes do not apply.

For years now I’ve been telling myself to complain to the city about violations of the ordinance. Until today, I’ve never taken the time.

So. There. Finally.

I did something about it.

Maybe you think that makes me a dick, but here’s the deal –

1) When it comes to just about everything, but especially politics, I believe everyone should adhere to, and should be held to, the same standards, rules and regulations.

2) I despise what Republicans embrace and attempt to push on the rest of us, but Establishment Democrats have been major disappointments lately, too. Elephants, donkeys… they’re all looking like jackasses to me. Which is to say it doesn’t matter one lick which major political party an ordinance-breaker supports; I’m calling regardless.

3) It felt good to finally be part of holding someone accountable. I admit the frustration with a system that fails to penalize the likes of TheRUMP and the majority of his criminal acolytes, empowers a single senator to scuttle much-needed and -desired social and environmental policy and allows a minority to rule and take Constitutional rights away from the majority has something to do with my actions today.

4) No offense, but I really don’t give a crap what anyone thinks about me, anyway. Haven’t for a long, long time. Go ahead, judge me any way you like.

So. There. Finally.


Until I encounter another violation, that is. Seeing as there are still two weeks until what is shaping up to be yet another shitshow of an election, I anticipate more opportunities to call in political-sign violations.


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