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These are unsettled times in the United States of America, to say the least. It’s also a time of great depression, in both mental and economic senses of the word. Unemployment rivals rates from the Great Depression, people can’t pay the rent or their mortgages, and the number of homeless is growing by the day.

We’ve been living under a wanna-be dictator and fascist for nearly four years, and the nation is split along political fault lines like it has never been split before. Cops are killing young black men in our streets, the 1 percent is getting richer while the rest of us work harder and get poorer, and nearly 220,000 of my fellow citizens have died from a deadly global pandemic. Coronavirus is raging in the USA like nowhere else in the world, and the current administration should have taken action to curtail its spread early on.

It’s all fucked.

But there’s an election on November 3. With luck and a good voter turnout, Joe Biden will be our next president and Kamala Harris will be our new vice president. Once that happens, we can start focusing on progressive causes again.

In the meantime, IV Words will be calling out bullshit where I see it, amplifying progressive issues and voices and working for positive change for all people. During this election period, I’ll still jump into life, family, experiences & lessons learned once in a while, always with a good dose of social commentary sprinkled in.

And from now through Nov. 3, 2020 (and beyond if necessary), I’ll be doing whatever I legally can to end the Trump presidency and the political careers of his GOP enablers up and down the ballot.

Thanks for reading, and come back soon.

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