No Chance, the President

“It’s a good garden and a healthy one,” he says when asked about a flailing U.S. economy. “Its trees are healthy and so are its shrubs and flowers…. I agree with the President:  everything in it will grow strong in due course.” His interviewer, a late-night TV talk show host, believes Chance is speaking figuratively; … Continue reading No Chance, the President

Green Assault

While we gawk at the Executive, the Legislative is decimating environmental protections. Safe drinking water. Clean air. Wild lands that maintain plant and animal diversity. The very health of the planet itself. They were all here, in great shape and in abundance before any of us arrived. In my judgment, they should all be here when we … Continue reading Green Assault

Rub Some Dirt – or Ice – In It

The USA and Soccer – It’s Not That Complicated Game Four of the NHL Western Conference Finals featuring the Chicago Blackhawks and the San Jose Sharks. 2010. Chicago is up three games to none. Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith takes a puck in the mouth and loses seven teeth. He’s out of the game for only seven minutes … Continue reading Rub Some Dirt – or Ice – In It