Me, Mark & the White Robin

A few days ago while on my midday walk with the dogs, when I was on the 1700 block of 15th Street South, I saw what looked like an albino robin. Can't be, I thought to myself. I took a double take and watched the bird and several robins fly down from the branch he … Continue reading Me, Mark & the White Robin

Robots Rock. And Score Goals. And Write.

They’ve been rolling into our lives for years, performing tasks from the relatively mundane, like vacuuming floors, to the Jetsonish, like working as teachers’ aides in classrooms. With advances in artificial intelligence and new feats of engineering, Robots continue to get smarter and better and more useful for humans. Robots also play soccer and develop … Continue reading Robots Rock. And Score Goals. And Write.

Bob Lind Shoutout – Ellington Story

Got a shoutout in Bob Lind’s “Neighbors” column in yesterday’s issue of the local paper, The Forum, Fargo. The column references a story I wrote back in 2001 (the Lind column was off by a couple of years) for NDSU Magazine about the night a North Dakota Agricultural College extension agent and his friend from South Dakota State College recorded Duke Ellington … Continue reading Bob Lind Shoutout – Ellington Story

Extra! Extra! Part II

I submitted “Extra! Extra!” (see earlier post on this blog) to Country Extra magazine, which was soliciting personal, small-town stories featuring acts of kindness. The magazine’s editors shortened the piece considerably and printed it in the November/December issue. I received my copy in the mail last week, along with my free, full-size dinner triangle. Ah, yes, freelance writing will … Continue reading Extra! Extra! Part II