Let’s not allow a refinery near Theodore Roosevelt National Park

I grew up in Medora, N.D. It was the 1970s, about the time a previous oil boom was running full-tilt in the western part of the state. / The air was still fresh and clean, whitetails walked down an empty Main Street in the early evenings this time of year, and the 100 or so souls who called the place home year-round enjoyed the post-tourist peace and quiet....

Kids Just Wanna Have Their Planet

Climate Lawsuits Aim to Hold Governments Accountable -- Leave it to a bunch of kids. / Twenty-one of them from around the United States filed a “constitutional climate lawsuit” against the U.S. government in 2015. At the time, they ranged in age from 9 to 20. For the most part they were, and still are, people with next-to-zero voice in our formal political system. Even so, they’re out in front of a new offensive in the environmental struggle...

Slipping and Dying: Bees, Humans and the Planet

As POTUS 45 rolls back environmental protections, climate change is sickening the Earth, us and the species we depend on. The rusty patched bumble bee probably would have preferred to remain in obscurity, humming from one flowering plant to another, pollinating away and quietly contributing to the estimated $3 billion in pollination services bees and … Continue reading Slipping and Dying: Bees, Humans and the Planet

Blow It Out… Your Gas

Call Your Senators – Oppose Efforts to Repeal the BLM Methane Flaring Rule The splash of light in the center of North America at night, seen from space, shines like the opposite of a black eye. It doesn’t mark a big city or conglomeration of cities like the other light spots across the continent. In fact, … Continue reading Blow It Out… Your Gas

Who is Behind “North Dakotans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions”?

As the North Dakota Senate considers a two-year moratorium on wind energy development, a definitive answer remains elusive. A group that calls itself North Dakotans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions has a campaign under way in North Dakota that suggests it is an advocate for more wind energy development in the state.  More wind power development … Continue reading Who is Behind “North Dakotans for Comprehensive Energy Solutions”?

Green Assault

While we gawk at the Executive, the Legislative is decimating environmental protections. Safe drinking water. Clean air. Wild lands that maintain plant and animal diversity. The very health of the planet itself. They were all here, in great shape and in abundance before any of us arrived. In my judgment, they should all be here when we … Continue reading Green Assault

Me, Mark & the White Robin

A few days ago while on my midday walk with the dogs, when I was on the 1700 block of 15th Street South, I saw what looked like an albino robin. Can't be, I thought to myself. I took a double take and watched the bird and several robins fly down from the branch he … Continue reading Me, Mark & the White Robin