Think Positive

Image of ladybug on a flower

I experienced a convergence through a couple of communications that came my way today. The first was a newsletter in my inbox this morning from Bock’s Office about skepticism, cynicism and positivity. The second was a mind-blowing video of a three-time freestyle champion deftly juggling a soccer ball on a moving subway. The third was a comment about dirty floors on Facebook... CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

With Team Parents, It’s Hit or Miss

This one's for you, Brah... In the fall of 2016 my daughter played volleyball for Fargo South. As often happens among road warriors who follow their kids all over state to watch them play, I became friends with another parent. Dave’s a great guy, always friendly and quick to smile. We sat next to each … Continue reading With Team Parents, It’s Hit or Miss

INVALUABLE: That’s the Real Answer, Mr. Commissioner

Fusion of Smiles, Languages & Colors Gets Us Back on Our Feet No matter how you slice it, surgery is no fun. More to the point, it’s no fun no matter how they need to slice you.  Painful stuff. Recovery is no walk in the park, either. After nearly eight days in recovery at Sanford, … Continue reading INVALUABLE: That’s the Real Answer, Mr. Commissioner

Pour, Water, Tamp, Mix, Tamp…

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors His name is Dennis. Five years of living 60 or 70 yards away, just over the backyard fence, I really should’ve known that already. I stood on his front step, shaking his hand and explaining that the posts that should’ve been holding up a couple of sections of our shared … Continue reading Pour, Water, Tamp, Mix, Tamp…

Exiled on Broadway / But We Are the Champions, My Friends

It could have been subconscious at work. Or it might have been a happy accident, since I’d been listening to The Stones the day before and it was still queued up. Or maybe, just maybe, it was providence. / As I turned east from University Drive onto 7thAvenue North on Saturday, January 21, headed for the Fargo, N.D., edition of the Women’s March, the stereo was kickin’ out “Pass the Wine” full blast. 

Father’s Day – Rolling Thunder

The front porch of our little, off-white stucco house in Medora, N.D., was a magical place to be on hot, muggy summer evenings.  / I was about 5 years old, and it was father-son time. I’d lean back, feel the strength in his chest and the arm around me, enjoy the cracking of peanuts in one of his big hands or the aroma of tobacco as he puffed at his pipe from time to time. 

Here to There. It’s Everywhere.

I’m thinking about transitions on this first day of the New Year. Bad to good, good to better, better to great. If you’re not so lucky it’s the other way around. More likely, though, you’re on an up-down-up wave like the rest of us. We’re all moving all the time. From one place to another, … Continue reading Here to There. It’s Everywhere.

Bob Lind Shoutout – Ellington Story

Got a shoutout in Bob Lind’s “Neighbors” column in yesterday’s issue of the local paper, The Forum, Fargo. The column references a story I wrote back in 2001 (the Lind column was off by a couple of years) for NDSU Magazine about the night a North Dakota Agricultural College extension agent and his friend from South Dakota State College recorded Duke Ellington … Continue reading Bob Lind Shoutout – Ellington Story

My Olympic Circle

Every couple of years, when the Olympics roll around, and especially every four when they’re the Winter Games, I think about what I learned as a broke college student in 1988. Turns out the Olympic spirit isn’t so much about amazing achievements and grand triumphs, but about everyday kindness and a cup of coffee over a hot breakfast. Here’s my Olympic story: To Calgary and back, and my signature Olympic moment came in Circle, Mont....