National School Walkout – Trading Emails with FPS Superintendent

I was surprised to receive a response from FPS Superintendent Jeff Schatz today. Here it is, along with my response:   Hi Martin, thank you for the email.  I  have asked the building principals to meet with their staff and student groups to discuss what process or procedures should be in place to ensure a … Continue reading National School Walkout – Trading Emails with FPS Superintendent

National School Walkout – ACLU Response

Here is the response from the ACLU to my inquiry regarding students' rights, and possible disciplinary actions by schools, if the students participate in or do certain things during the National School Walkout on March 14. Dear Mr. Fredricks: Thank you for contacting the ACLU of North Dakota.  As a general rule, children may not … Continue reading National School Walkout – ACLU Response

National School Walkout – Letter to FPS

So far responses from Fargo Public Schools regarding how it will handle or respond to a walkout on March 14 have been vague, in my judgement. This morning I wrote the following email to Superintendent Jeff Schatz, and a similar email to Fargo South High Principal Todd Bertsch. I've also been trading voicemails and texts … Continue reading National School Walkout – Letter to FPS

What Will Happen If My Kids Protest?

Unofficial word from Fargo South High School is that any student who, when participating in the National School Walkout on March 14, holds up signs expressing opinions about gun violence in schools, chants slogans or does anything else that draws attention, will be suspended. Further, they will not be allowed to walk out at 10 … Continue reading What Will Happen If My Kids Protest?

Mass Shootings Op-Ed/Blog Post Feedback

Here are the emails I've received, with senders' names removed, in response to my blog post, "Let's Add One Word to the NRA Talking Point," which also ran as an op-ed on on February 20 and in The Forum printed edition on February 21. I'll be adding to this if/when more emails come in. … Continue reading Mass Shootings Op-Ed/Blog Post Feedback

Let’s Add One Word to the Talking Point

The National Rifle Association’s key talking point rolled out as predictably as the sad reality that another mass shooting will happen soon in a U.S. school. “This is not the time to discuss gun control.” Let’s add just one word to the key talking point: This is not the ONLY time to discuss gun control. … Continue reading Let’s Add One Word to the Talking Point

All Fireworked Up

This will likely become a debate about personal freedom. On July 17, the Fargo City Commission voted 4-1 to study changing Fargo’s ordinance against detonating fireworks within city limits. “People are doing it, anyway,” goes one argument for allowing fireworks within city boundaries. “People in West Fargo can do it,” runs another. “I should be … Continue reading All Fireworked Up

Pour, Water, Tamp, Mix, Tamp…

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors His name is Dennis. Five years of living 60 or 70 yards away, just over the backyard fence, I really should’ve known that already. I stood on his front step, shaking his hand and explaining that the posts that should’ve been holding up a couple of sections of our shared … Continue reading Pour, Water, Tamp, Mix, Tamp…

Carson Wentz – “The Dakota Kid”?

The great ones have nicknames. Peyton Manning was and forever will be “The Sheriff.” Brett Favre is “The Gunslinger.” And despite the drubbing the Pittsburgh Steelers took at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles this past weekend, “Big Ben” Roethlisberger rightfully commands the respect of defenses across the National Football League. So here’s a thought....