Not One Red Cent

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So far, everyone seems to agree there was a cost to Fargo and Cass County taxpayers for the Trump-Cramer political rally; they're just arguing about how much it really was. At the end of the day, right and wrong don’t depend on right or left. And using taxpayer money and manpower for a political rally is just wrong. CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

Think Positive

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I experienced a convergence through a couple of communications that came my way today. The first was a newsletter in my inbox this morning from Bock’s Office about skepticism, cynicism and positivity. The second was a mind-blowing video of a three-time freestyle champion deftly juggling a soccer ball on a moving subway. The third was a comment about dirty floors on Facebook... CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

#Enough #NeverAgain #ProtectOurKids

  Posted to Facebook: Standing in solidarity with students at #FargoSouthHigh who walked out for 17 minutes of silence for the victims of the Parkland, Fla. school shooting. And asking our local, state and federal elected officials to do something meaningful to curb #gunviolence and #ProtectOurKids in their own schools. NOW is the time for you to do something, Sen. John Hoeven, Sen. … Continue reading #Enough #NeverAgain #ProtectOurKids

National School Walkout – Trading Emails with FPS Superintendent

I was surprised to receive a response from FPS Superintendent Jeff Schatz today. Here it is, along with my response:   Hi Martin, thank you for the email.  I  have asked the building principals to meet with their staff and student groups to discuss what process or procedures should be in place to ensure a … Continue reading National School Walkout – Trading Emails with FPS Superintendent

National School Walkout – FPS Response

No surprise I haven't yet received written answers from Fargo Public Schools to the three questions I posed in emails to Jeff Schatz, Fargo Public Schools superintendent, and Todd Bertsch, principal at Fargo South High. Is it true that students will be disciplined for holding placards or signs on school grounds about gun violence in … Continue reading National School Walkout – FPS Response

National School Walkout – ACLU Response

Here is the response from the ACLU to my inquiry regarding students' rights, and possible disciplinary actions by schools, if the students participate in or do certain things during the National School Walkout on March 14. Dear Mr. Fredricks: Thank you for contacting the ACLU of North Dakota.  As a general rule, children may not … Continue reading National School Walkout – ACLU Response

National School Walkout – Letter to FPS

So far responses from Fargo Public Schools regarding how it will handle or respond to a walkout on March 14 have been vague, in my judgement. This morning I wrote the following email to Superintendent Jeff Schatz, and a similar email to Fargo South High Principal Todd Bertsch. I've also been trading voicemails and texts … Continue reading National School Walkout – Letter to FPS