There’s this dog.

There's this dog named Dexter. He's my boy. I just never thought the meaning of the contraction would change so soon. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE.


Climate Change Changes Post-Disaster Questions

Logic demands we ask why we’re throwing billions upon billions at rebuilding cities and regions that have been devastated by hurricanes and are destined to be hospitable only to marine life by the end of this century or (probably) much sooner. Perhaps we should use those dollars to help people start fresh somewhere new and invest in renewable energy infrastructure and R&D. At this point it seems like a moral imperative, not a choice. CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

Tears of Us Clowns

Every time Rep. Kevin Cramer puts his foot in his mouth with an absurd, ignorant and pain-inducing comment, he looks like a clown. North Dakotans are cast as clowns, too, for electing him to Congress. North Dakota voters need to make this man's political career a has-been. CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE


It will take many voices to bring about change in the gender-biased way the Fargo Public Schools dress code is applied and enforced. Please consider lending yours. CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

Thank You, Joe.

Feedback on IV Words is always appreciated, as is constructive criticism or corrections if I ever botch anything. Once in a great while there's a compliment. This one, from my friend Joe Stadstad, blew me away. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

The Alleged “Distractees” – Not Our Daughters and Sisters – Must Change

Each year, Fargo Public Schools (FPS) officials tell our daughters – sometimes explicitly, often implicitly – they will be a “distraction” to other students and teachers if they wear spaghetti-strap tops that are “too revealing,” pants that are “too tight” or skirts that are “too short.” It's time for FPS to take personal bias out of dress-code enforcement in our schools. CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

You Can’t Judge a Bison by His Coat

We make judgements about people all the time without knowing much, if anything, about them. It's when we give voice or action to those judgements that we get in trouble, even if we're just talking about alma maters and football games. Let's keep on keepin' on, instead. CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE.

Flowers are Rainbow-Colored. People are Weird.

Let's teach our children that weird is a good thing. Because it is. I think Harry Chapin would have agreed... CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE.

Not One Red Cent

U.S. penny image

So far, everyone seems to agree there was a cost to Fargo and Cass County taxpayers for the Trump-Cramer political rally; they're just arguing about how much it really was. At the end of the day, right and wrong don’t depend on right or left. And using taxpayer money and manpower for a political rally is just wrong. CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE

Think Positive

Image of ladybug on a flower

I experienced a convergence through a couple of communications that came my way today. The first was a newsletter in my inbox this morning from Bock’s Office about skepticism, cynicism and positivity. The second was a mind-blowing video of a three-time freestyle champion deftly juggling a soccer ball on a moving subway. The third was a comment about dirty floors on Facebook... CLICK THE HEADLINE TO READ MORE