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IV Words isn’t entirely without the choice word dropped in now and again, sure, but “colorful language” means a whole lot more, here, too.

IV Words believes in and stands for equality and equity for everyone regardless of race, skin color, creed, gender, gender identity, geographic location, place of origin or sexual preference.

All are welcome. Whether all who land here want to come back is another matter.

MAGAts, right-wingers, fossil-fuel-company execs, climate-science deniers, anti-choicers, gun nuts and religious zealots likely won’t return. And that is so cool with me.

IV Words amplifies messages related to the climate crisis, environment, social justice/injustice, women’s rights, progressive causes and the way it is. Posts are news, feature stories, opinion pieces, satire, book/movie reviews, poetry and a few good stories thrown in now and again (creative non-fiction). I call out BS when I see, hear or smell it, and I don’t pull any punches.

I write because it’s what I am able to do to amplify and impact issues that are important to me. They must be important to you, too, or you wouldn’t be reading. Every week there’s at least one new post with a different way of looking at, thinking about or expressing ideas, injustices, inconsistencies and hypocrisies. Hope, too, when I can find it. 

I do all of this in my “spare” time and on my own dime.

But to write more progressive posts, do them better and provide more in-depth content for readers like you, I need some help.

Please support independent analysis, opinions and pointed protestations. Sponsor or donate to IV Words today!

The Details

IV Words Stats

  • 1,700 monthly pageviews on average
  • 250 blog / e-blast subscribers
  • 6,500 followers on Instagram, Facebook (Meta) and Twitter
  • Depending on the specific content of a post, I share it on 45-60 progressive and environment-/climate-crisis-focused Facebook group pages,

Sponsorships for Organizations/Businesses

$35 per month, no contracts; 5% discount for full year paid in advance

  • Your logo under “Sponsors” on the footer of every page on the blog with a link to your homepage or landing page.
  • Your ad occasionally embedded in posts.
  • Your ad/logo in the weekly IV Words e-blast on a rotating basis. Check out the archives.
  • Calls to action on IV Words Twitter to support your organization, cause or business.

$100 per month, no contracts; 5% discount for year paid in full in advance.

Includes everything above, plus –

  • Collaboration on up to two posts during the sponsorship period about issues important to you and your organization and that align with IV Words beliefs and values
  • One display ad per month embedded within a post
  • Additional display ads negotiable

Sponsorships for Individuals

$5 per month, no contracts

  • Your logo/statement in the footer of every IV Words page with a link to a website of your choice
  • Your logo/statement in the weekly IV Words e-blast in a regular rotation with other sponsors’ logos/statements

$10 per month, no contracts

Includes everything above.

$10 per month, 6-month commitment

Includes everything above, plus –

  • Includes everything above, plus –
  • Collaboration on two posts related to an issue important to you that aligns with IV Words beliefs and values

Anonymous Support

Not every organization, business or individual wants to be publicly associated with the blunt, progressive, no bullshit, call bullshit content that is a hallmark of IV Words, even if you agree with and want to further the messages. We can still collaborate on some posts of importance to you, and you get to be a silent partner. You have my word.

Or Just Spring for a Cuppa

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You can contribute any time and as many times as you want with “Buy Me a Coffee.” Donation levels begin at $5.

So Whaddya Say?

To get your message in front of progressive supporters and buyers, please get in touch with the contact form, or reach out to me at or 701-261-0867.

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