#Enough #NeverAgain #ProtectOurKids

  Posted to Facebook: Standing in solidarity with students at #FargoSouthHigh who walked out for 17 minutes of silence for the victims of the Parkland, Fla. school shooting. And asking our local, state and federal elected officials to do something meaningful to curb #gunviolence and #ProtectOurKids in their own schools. NOW is the time for you to do something, Sen. John Hoeven, Sen. … Continue reading #Enough #NeverAgain #ProtectOurKids

National School Walkout – FPS Response

No surprise I haven't yet received written answers from Fargo Public Schools to the three questions I posed in emails to Jeff Schatz, Fargo Public Schools superintendent, and Todd Bertsch, principal at Fargo South High. Is it true that students will be disciplined for holding placards or signs on school grounds about gun violence in … Continue reading National School Walkout – FPS Response

FM Community Project Highlights “Extraordinary Ordinary” People

I’m proud to announce “About Faces,” a new community project featuring images and stories of people who illustrate – we hope – the extraordinary in our ordinary, work-a-day lives. “About Faces” is a collection of portraits – in images and words – about people who make Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding communities what they have been, … Continue reading FM Community Project Highlights “Extraordinary Ordinary” People

I Call BS, Too, and I Can No Longer in Good Conscience…

Please join me in saying NRA? No Way! and using #NRANoWay on social media. My Facebook friend, Steven G. Johnk, a.k.a Spider, created this graphic. It’s right in line with what many of the survivors of the Parkland, Fla., school shooting are saying. Here are the comments of three Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students … Continue reading I Call BS, Too, and I Can No Longer in Good Conscience…

Me, Mark & the White Robin

A few days ago while on my midday walk with the dogs, when I was on the 1700 block of 15th Street South, I saw what looked like an albino robin. Can't be, I thought to myself. I took a double take and watched the bird and several robins fly down from the branch he … Continue reading Me, Mark & the White Robin

Extra! Extra! Part II

I submitted “Extra! Extra!” (see earlier post on this blog) to Country Extra magazine, which was soliciting personal, small-town stories featuring acts of kindness. The magazine’s editors shortened the piece considerably and printed it in the November/December issue. I received my copy in the mail last week, along with my free, full-size dinner triangle. Ah, yes, freelance writing will … Continue reading Extra! Extra! Part II